Banana Pudding on the Appalachian Trail

Who says you have to eat jerky and granola for 6-9 months? For my own personal MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) I intend to have good food, whether it is pine leaf tea that I harvested pine needles for or whether it is some fat-filled creation I dreamed up at home. Snacks, on the trail, need to be full of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Here is the pudding recipe I am making today:

Banana Pudding (Makes three servings)
1 3.9-oz. pkg. Banana Cream Instant Jello Pudding
½ cup Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat’s Milk
3 3 tbsp. packages Harmony House freeze-dried bananas
3 1.6-oz. pkg. Nabisco Mini Vanilla Wafers

Open Jello Pudding package and pour into a bowl. Add powdered milk and mix very well, breaking up clumps of milk. Weigh powder and divide by three (156 grams). In a snack-size baggie, add 1/3 of the pudding powder, and 1 3-tbsp. pkg. of freeze-dried bananas and 1 pkg. Mini Nilla Wafers. To use, pour powder into a smoothie-shaker cup and add ¾ cup water. Shake until well-mixed. Pour in fruit, cookies, and stir.


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