Fresh Bread on the Trail

Hiking with fresh food is not a reasonable option unless you can consume that food in a day or two. Rhizopus stolonifer, aka bread mold can spoil bread very quickly. So how can you have bread on the trail? Simple. Masa Trigo… Make a flat bread. Two packed tablespoons of Masa Trigo in a small bag, turns into a large tortilla when a little water is added. Use your Nalgene bottle to roll it out on the back of one of your pans (I have Trangia bowls for that) and voila! you have fresh bread. Here is a breakfast recipe where a tortilla might come in handy:

Sausage & Egg Trail Burritos

2 packed tbsp. Masa Trigo flour tortilla mix + water for mixing
¼ cup Ova Easy egg crystals + 1/3 cup water for mixing
1 pkt. Each: salt & pepper
¼ cup Honeyville freeze dried sausage + ½ cup boiling water
2 1 tbsp. packages Honeyville freeze dried cheddar cheese.
2 1 ounce pkgs. Picante sauce

Mix tortilla mix with just enough water to make stiff, bendable, dough. Cover. Meanwhile add water to egg crystals, and water to sausage to reconstitute. Divide tortilla dough into two small balls and begin rolling them out into a 6” tortilla. Roll very thin. On a hot non-stick pan, bake tortillas until lightly browned. Set aside and keep warm. Pour extra water off sausage and put into skillet with 5 drops of oil. Stir, constantly over high heat until browned. Add eggs and allow them to set slightly before moving around in the pan to scramble. Add cooked eggs, sausage and 1 tbsp cheddar cheese to each tortilla. Top with salsa.


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