Voodoo Chow

Voodoo Chow for Bonesy
Bonesy is a little folk-art skeleton doll. My son, Andy, gave this doll to his niece, Brookelynn, when she was just a baby. Brookelynn fell in love with Bonesy. He was not like other dolls. He was creepy, and just a little scary, but at night he was tucked safely into her arms. He would stay awake and listen for things that go bump in the night so Brookelynn didn’t have to. He slept like a log during the day, but at night he was all eyes and ears and he kept Brookelynn from worrying about the dark or having nightmares. He was a creature of the night, and didn’t mind being lookout. He knew how to keep other bad things away, including that thing that always lurks under the bed and in the open closet.

That was four years ago. Bonesy is still Brookelynn’s favorite doll, but when Brookelynn learned that I was going on the trail alone, she was afraid for me. Bonesy would never let Brookelynn be afraid at night, so she wanted him to go with me. I agreed to take him along, but every time I tried to train with a full pack, Bonesy fell out onto the street. It was obvious he wanted to go, but he couldn’t keep still.He wiggled and jiggled until he escaped his back-row seat, plunging head-first onto the pavement.

Bonesy cannot be leaping to his death. Period. There is no way I can lose this doll on the trail, so now he has a very tight seatbelt. He also has food. I know this is overkill, but what is a Grandma to do? I can’t let the lack of a stomach keep Bonesy from trying to eat while he is on the trail. Luckily, the local convenience store had a full stock of Voodoo Chow. These funny little pellets share some similarities with Tic Tacs, but make no mistake…they feed the undead of all kinds, including little bony skeletons. Because it is still cold in Maine in June, Bonesy has borrowed Tink’s dog sweater.

Bonesy will no doubt have many adventures. I will be posting these silly photos along with my own, because there is a very special member of my audience who will be tracking “our” progress with her map tacks, and she is expecting letters from “us” as we stop in the post office to get our food packages she and Uncle Andy are making up for me. This weekend, she is packing Voodoo Chow. It is fortunate that Bonesy only needs one packet per box, with only four meals per packet. Just in case he doesn’t eat them all, I will have nice breath once in a while. Image


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